What it is yo?
A little insight on Television super series TWD

The Walking Dead! That’s right ladies and gentleman it is back with teeth gnashing, gut wrenching vengeance! With its return there are many questions that are lingering deep within our still conscience brain.

What of father son team Morgan and Duane from the pilot episode? Do the dead posses some sort of subconscious knowledge of their past selves? And it had been eluded to several times through out, most notably via Hershel, that this whole ordeal could be judgment from God.

As the Third season continues I hope to further discuss the events, and critique the show in an attempt to further my knowledge and understanding of film and Television. See you next Sunday Walking Dead Fans.

QUESTION: Who dies next?

So this satellite falling to Earth this week…


How many of you think it’s carrying space bacteria that will start the zombie apocalypse???

I’m just reblogging because this notion is brilliant.

The food fight from hell, literally.

The food fight from hell, literally.

Yeah I would shit bricks. The door clearly says “DON’t OPEN!”